Ways To Save On Your Auto Insurance

  1. Choose a safe vehicle. There is a significant difference in the cost for auto insurance for vehicles with poor safety records and high theft records as opposed to vehicles that are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident or stolen.
  2. Get safety features. Things like air bags for all front seat passengers or anti-lock brakes can qualify for a discount on your auto insurance policy. Other safety features installed after your car is purchased, like wheel immobilizers or engine cut-off systems also may qualify for discounts.
  3. Geography makes a difference. Urban locations generally lead to higher insurance rates because accidents and thefts are more likely. If you have a choice on the address to offer for insurance purposes – perhaps a home or business location – or if you are moving, make sure you at least consider the impact your address has on your auto insurance.
  4. Clean out that garage. Many auto insurance companies offer a discount if you park your vehicle overnight in a garage off the street. Statistics show that vehicles in garages are less like to be stolen or involved in accidents.
  5. Mention your AAA membership. Or any other club or organization that may offer discounts for auto insurance in exchange for membership. Many auto club members qualified for discounts.
  6. Drop unnecessary coverage. If a vehicle is older and less valuable you may want to consider dropping your collision or comprehensive coverage. In essence, you are assuming the risk that if you are in an accident; you’ll have to replace the vehicle instead of getting an insurance settlement. The more risk you assume, the more you generally save on auto insurance costs.
  7. Take a defensive driving course. Some auto insurers will offer discounts for any driver who completes an accredited safe-driving course while others will only apply a discount if a teen or senior completes the course. Either way, it can be a money-saver.
  8. Avoid installment payments. Many insurance companies tack on significant fees for drivers to be able to pay auto insurance bills on a quarterly or monthly basis. Those fees can add up. If you can, pay your auto insurance in a lump sum amount.
  9. Compare many insurance quotes. Be sure to get several insurance quotes and then compare them side by side to pick the best for your situation – not just the cheapest but the one that has the proper coverage for your state and comes from a trusted company, here are the best steps to buy an insurance policy applicable anywhere.
  10. Avoid accidents. Unless your company has accident insurance, an at-fault accident can significantly increase your premium, as well as moving violations and other citations.

There are numerous good ways to get an auto insurance policy

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